Our Regent

First I would like to re-introduce myself to all Minnesota ACHE Chapter members. I am Mark Sonneborn! As your Regent, I will be serving and representing you to the national ACHE organization for the next few years.

My goals for my term are to continue to advance the benefits of membership and fellowship in ACHE through education, credentialing, career advancement and leadership excellence. There are two major initiatives that I would like to move forward and with your help we can achieve both. One is to develop a state-wide mentorship program that will link those who wish to be mentored with those who want to mentor. Look for information on that beginning early this coming fall. The second is to travel to all parts of the state and meet with you to discuss what you’d like to see both our state Chapter and the national ACHE accomplish in the next several years. I will send out information about that soon as well.

Our State Chapter is busy developing a number of great educational opportunities. Look for those in the Chapter newsletter. We are also revising our Board Policy and Code of Ethics. This will be available shortly and available for your review. Other current efforts include filling Board vacancies, developing additional sponsorships, and growing our membership.

I look forward to working with you all during the next three years. You can reach me at my g-mail address at msonneborn@mnhospitals.org.